Summer School

We delivered a short summer school programme which included education and enrichment activities.

Our summer school was skills based, giving students the tools to access exam questions so that as they progress into Year 11, they can apply the taught knowledge to the skill of the exam questions, better preparing them for exams in the 2022 series. A range of subjects offered time to students including core subjects of Maths, English and Science. Sessions were also offered to students around Geography, History, MFL, Citizenship, Religious Studies, Health and Social Career and Sports and Fitness. Students worked in small groups with a specialist teacher as they learnt the skills required and used knowledge to apply

Alongside this, we dedicated time to undertake a career session where students had the opportunity to look at skills they have and look at jobs that their skills matched. This included a range of careers which require Further and Higher Education to achieve. Students were able to spend time looking at roles, finding out what is needed and what the benefits of a career in that identified industry might lead to.

35 Year 11 students attended over 4 days with £3,760 being spent on staffing and food costs. The full amount was funded by the Department for Education.