Home Learning Policy

Date created – 22/09/2020
Date reviewed by governors – 29/09/2021
Next review date – September 2022

1 Rationale

“The evidence shows that the impact of homework, on average, is five months’ additional progress”. – Education Endowment Foundation

2 Aims

  • Ensure all students have access to online home learning through Google Classroom 
  • Consolidate and extend learning covered in class and or prepare for new learning
  • Develop online learning skills by setting tasks through Google Classroom, Hegarty maths, Seneca and GCSEpod (Priority 2: Online Learning)
  • Improve literacy through reading and exposing students to expository texts(academic) as well as fictional texts (Priority 4: Literacy)
  • Improve retention, recall and long-term memory in preparation for public exams(Priority 3: Progress towards public examinations) 
  • Develop independent learning skills (Priority 1: Teaching and Learning))
  • Develop study skills e.g. planning, effective time- management, concentration and self- discipline (Priority 5: Character and Culture)
  • Engage parental cooperation (Priority 6: Parental Engagement) and support and create channels of communication between school and home 
  • To take responsibility for their learning (Priority 1 Teaching and Learning)
  • Provide feedback in the evaluation of teaching

3 Responsibilities 

Role of the Student

  • Listen carefully when home-learning instructions are given in class and write this down neatly.
  • Complete home learning set and hand it in on time this can be in your exercise book or google classroom.
  • Make sure you complete all work set neatly with 100% effort and clearly label and underline home-learning as a title in your exercise book or in Google Classroom.
  • Ask your teacher for help if you find the work difficult.

Role of the Curriculum Leader

  • Home learning is embedded in all schemes of work for all years and this is posted on Google Classroom for students to access
  • Closely monitor the setting, completion and marking of home learning that is set.

Role of the Subject Teacher:

  • Upload all home learning tasks on Google classroom
  • Ensure students get timely feedback this could be through green pen marking in class, or feedback through Google Classroom
  • Reward students who have handed in outstanding home learning through class charts
  • Inform parents/carers through class charts if they have not completed the home learning task set
  • Set home learning tasks that is engaging and varied (please refer to your SOW) and upload on your Google Classroom

Role of the Form Teacher

  • Check that all students have access to a device and internet connection 
  • Check that they are regularly accessing their home learning through Google classroom
  • Remind students of the importance of completing home learning and meeting all deadlines set.
  • Check Class Charts and have restorative discussions to understand the reasons and possible solutions for students not completing home-learning on time.

Role of the Parent/Carer:

  • Check that your child is completing their home learning on Google Classroom.
  • Ensure your child has access to a computer and internet connection in order for them to complete their home learning.
  • Provide a quiet environment for your child to complete their home-learning
  • Encourage your child to read everyday
  • Praise and encourage your child 
  • Help your child to get organised. They will need a bag, books, equipment and a working device 
  • Encourage your child to develop good study habits e.g. help them write a timetable to manage their time
  • Provide some resources e.g. dictionary, thesaurus, reading books (from our school library or central library). This could be a small bookshelf of resources