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Vision and Values

As we join the Co-operative Academies Trust, we begin the exciting work of blending the Co-op way with the Granger traditions that built our community from the very beginning. Our ethos and values systems are steadfast and focused on high aspirations, hard work and community spirit. As former Headmistress Miss Aspey stated in the Grange Newsletter from 1905: Imagination, consideration and understanding, loyalty, conscientiousness, human sympathy, sensitivity and fastidiousness, must be at the heart of all that we do.
Then we cannot fail others, or equally important, ourselves. She wrote these words as Grange Girls and Grange Boys joined together to make one community, and we take them forward as we join a new partnership with Co-op Academies and reaffirm the ethos and purpose for our students and our community.

We are a diverse, vibrant and cohesive community with a student and staff body of around 2100.

We aim for students to be confident, resilient and successful individuals who are ready for their next challenges – be that employment, training, apprenticeships or university.

Our community is built on the values of aspiration, respect and equality. Following our Ofsted inspection in 2016, our new ‘turnaround team’ is in place, working together with a range of educational experts to offer support, advice and guidance, to ensure that we work ‘differently and better’ to achieve our goals.

Our vision is to:

• Enjoy a broad, balanced, stimulating and innovative experience which provides them with a wide knowledge and understanding of the world

• Have the highest aspirations, access to consistently good teaching, and achieve to their full potential

• Feel part of a socially cohesive community where everyone’s contribution is valued and difference is celebrated

• Be self-confident, socially prepared young people who feel safe, happy and healthy and are able to make a positive contribution to society

• Be hardworking, resilient, independent learners who have the skills and self-belief to make positive choices about their future.

Values: All of this is based upon the values of Co-op Group which will inform our behaviours.

Self-help; Self-responsibility; Democracy; Equality; Equity; Solidarity.

Values are demonstrated in the Co-op ways of being:

Do what matters most; be yourself, always; succeed together; show you care.

We are strong believers in inclusion and are privileged to share the Southfield Grange Campus with Co-op Academy Southfield, enabling us to make provision for students with a wide range of needs. We believe is it essential that students are able to learn in an environment where they feel safe and well supported. We do this whilst recognising the importance of maintaining a positive, caring and inclusive ethos, where the ability of every student is recognised, developed and rewarded.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Miss A Mander