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Admissions Consultation

Co-op Academy Grange (the academy) is part of The Co-op Academies Trust (the Trust). The Trust is the admissions authority for the Academy, and is therefore responsible for ensuring that these arrangements are compliant with the Admissions Code 2021.

Following a review of the admissions arrangements across the academies in the Trust, we have decided to update these documents to ensure that they meet the needs of the local community as well as remaining compliant with updated DfE guidance. As such we are undertaking a consultation on the admissions arrangements at each of our academies.

Please note that as part of this consultation we are proposing to remove the geographical catchment area criteria from our oversubscription criteria.

Key highlights from the admissions arrangements include:

Year 7 PAN: 300

Oversubscription criteria:

If we receive more applications than the PAN, places will be allocated according to the following criteria:

  1. A Child Looked After or a child who was previously looked after and became subject to an adoption, child arrangements, or special guardianship order including those who appear (to the admission authority) to have been in state care outside of England and ceased to be in state care as a result of being adopted.
  1. Children who have exceptional social or medical needs, supported by a written recommendation from the child’s paediatrician/consultant or professional from Children’s Services. The letter must explain why the school is the only suitable school to meet the child’s needs and why no other school could provide the appropriate support. 
  1. Children who have a brother or sister, attending from the same address, who are at present in years 7 – 10 and who will still be attending the school at the time of admission. 
  1. All other children. 

The full admissions arrangements document for Co-op Academy Grange can be found here:

Website admissions page

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