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General enquiries: Xxxxxxxxx (Office Manager).

Principal: Miss Alison Mander

Co-op Academy Grange, Southfield Grange Campus, Haycliffe Lane, Bradford, BD5 9ET

How can we help?
Who can I speak to about my child?
Which buses pass near the academy?
Where can I drop-off or pick-up my child?
How do I contact the SENCO?
How do I contact the Chair of Governors?
Where can I find term dates?
How do I hire academy facilities during evenings, weekends or holidays?
What child protection procedures do visitors need to be aware of?
How can I get paper copies of information on this website?
How do I contact the Co-op Academies Trust?

Any complaint or concern should be raised via the Chair of Governors, this is clearly outlined in our Complaints Policy. The contact for our Governing Body is – xxxx


Following this should you still wish to contact the Co-op Academies Trust, you can write to the Central Team at X99 Co-op Academies, 8th Floor, 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG. (Please mark all envelopes with X99 to ensure it reaches the Trust.)