We're staying safe - changes to days
We've asked some year groups to work from home on some days. Symptoms or waiting for a Covid19 result - please stay at home

Coronavirus Updates

Work from home days

As the number of colleagues unable to work due to Covid increases, we’ve had to make changes to ensure we can stay open as much as possible. From now until the 4th December, a year group will work from home per day.

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Date Year group at home
Thursday 19th November  Year 7
Friday 20th November Year 8
Monday 23rd November Training Day. All year groups at home. 
Tuesday 24th November  Year 7
Wednesday 25th November Year 8
Thursday 26th November Year 9
Friday 27th November Year 7
Monday 30th November Year 8
Tuesday 1st December Year 9
Wednesday 2nd December Year 7
Thursday 3rd December Year 8
Friday 4th December Year 9


Risk Assessment

How we’re managing C-19

Risk Assessment

Should my child stay at home?

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