We deliver the best that each subject has to offer, bringing it to life and exploring its relevance to the modern world. Our highly personalised curriculum is designed to be remembered. It is varied and exciting; imaginative and inspiring; challenging and thought provoking.  Key ideas are regularly explored in greater depth and with different perspectives. We are all challenged to think creatively and divergently with strong values about what matters.

Time is precious, and nothing is left to chance. Our curriculum is planned meticulously, with high expectations for all.  Our curriculum builds progressively, ensuring that students deepen their knowledge and skills.  Reflective practice is embedded at all levels so that staff and students can learn from their achievements and continually improve.

Whether studying Shakespeare or statistics, dance or design, students learn to express themselves with confidence and flair and have regular opportunities to put their learning to the test in the real world, with a clear assessment and feedback structure and links to businesses and creative industries.

Our students come to Grange to learn about more than academic excellence. Our driving motivation is to teach our students how to live their lives with kindness and compassion, able to stand up to injustice and make positive contributions to their community.

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For more information about our curriculum get in touch with Martha Featherstone, Deputy Headteacher