Collecting your Results

Collecting your Results

Results day is August 12

FormCollect results
Year 10 – any form11am-11:30am

Where do I go?

Go to the Sports Hall – student access through the Fire Exits at the rear of the hall.

Use EduLink

You can use EduLink to view your results from 8:30am on 12th August. Find out how to use EduLink to view your results

What identification will I need?

  • Students – you’ll need to bring any form of photographic ID
  • Examples of photographic ID include Student Card, Passport or Residence ID Card
  • Results won’t be given out without appropriate ID

Can someone else collect my results?

You can nominate someone else to collect your results:

  • You’ll need to complete the form – make sure it’s completed fully and signed
  • You’ll need to let them bring your photo ID
  • They’ll need to bring photo ID
  • Results won’t be given out without appropriate ID and completed form as appropriate

What about equipment I’ve borrowed?

It’s the perfect time to return it! Remember to bring with you:

  • Computer equipment that was loaned to you from us e.g:
    • Laptop/Chromebook
    • Internet dongle
  • Library books


We also would love any donations to help our new and current students:

  • Any old school uniform and PE kit
  • Any revision guides

We’ll make sure these find a new home!