In the event of a school closure, it is really important that you keep on top of your learning and try not to let that damage your chances of future success.  The good news is that we have subscribed to a website that can help you do just that!

For students in year 11 and those in year 10 sitting real exams this summer, there is currently no government or exam board advice suggesting that the exams will not go ahead in May/June as planned, so it is vital that students continue to fully prepare and revise for these, even if they you absent or school has to close for longer than normal. 

Attached is a quick start guide to get you set up on GCSE Pod (students in year 7, 8 and 9 don’t be put off by the title, there is work at all levels of challenge for all).  There are video clips to watch on most topics for most subjects which are followed by a quick quiz to check your understanding which will be marked online straight away.

Some of your teachers may set you certain tasks to complete, but you can have a go at anything that you need to revise or want to work on at any time; GCSE Pod is a website and so can be used on any smartphone, tablet or computer that is connected to the internet.

You can set your account up following the instructions below:

  1. go to: gcsepod.com

  2. click login

  3. Click ‘New Here? Get Started!’ then ‘Student’

  4. Enter your details and school name which should appear – click on it to confirm


Don’t forget that if you prefer using Hegarty (hegartymaths.com) for Maths revision, that is still available too! Again, don’t wait for a task to be set by your teacher – just get going!


Student Quick Start Guide