Return to School

Return to School

We are returning to school from the 8th March. You need to do the following to be ready for school:

  1. Check the table in this letter which tells you what time and date your child’s form will be returning to school. 
  2. Make sure your child is attending live lessons every day until their first day back at school. 
  3. Make sure your child has a Covid testing consent form completed and signed by you, with them, for their first day back at school.
  4. Get your child a mask(s) they like, because they will now be wearing them all day, everywhere except outdoors. We have lots of spares though which the Co-op have gifted us.
  5. Top up your child’s parent pay account so that they can buy snacks and lunch. 
  6. Make sure your child’s chrome book is charged and in their school bag. They will be using them in lessons. 
  7. Make sure your child turns up on time on your first day back. We will be very busy testing, so being on time is really important. 

A bit about testing and masks

We’ve been testing staff and students in school for a few weeks. I take the test twice a week, so I know it’s really simple to do.  All our students so far have found it really easy too. It does not hurt, and you get a result within 30 minutes. If it’s your first time, we’ll have plenty of staff around to help out. 

Once you’ve had your test, you will wait until you get the negative result and then you can go into lessons. If you get a positive test, we will ring home and let parents know straight away. 

You don’t by law have to take the test. You don’t have to wear a mask in a classroom, but the government and scientists think we should so that we can keep ourselves and others safe. Nobody wants another lockdown, or year groups being sent home from school again. Testing and masks will help make sure we can get back to normal quickly, let shops and restaurants open, let us visit our friends and family and travel to see our families abroad. 

Your sincerely,

Miss A Mander