Year 11 Students – Final Compulsory Day

Year 11 students – Final compulsory day in school is Friday 28th May 2021, finishing at 11.45am

Year 11 students will have completed all assessments and work towards formal qualifications by Friday 28th May. With these grades now being submitted to exam boards. Therefore, students will no longer be required to formally attend Co-op Academy Grange from Friday 28th May, leaving at 11.45am.

On Friday 28th May students will attend school as normal at 8.30am and take part in a leavers’ assembly at 10.45am -11.45am to celebrate their time at Grange. Students on free school lunches will be able to obtain this during an extended break period at 10.15am – 11.15am. Students will leave school at the earlier time of 11.45am on this day.

Monday 8th June – Friday 25th June

During this three-week period students’ tutors will make weekly telephone calls to families to speak to students to check in with them; discussing how they are using their time, careers and activities they can undertake to prepare for the next steps in their educational journey.

Invitations to attend additional classes and careers guidance at Grange

From 8th June some students will be individually invited to attend additional classes to study content for specific subjects and topics relevant to the courses they may be moving onto in the next steps of their education and career path. We will also invite students to school who we know require careers guidance and support with applications.

Any student requiring careers advice / support with applications should email Danielle Lewandowski (School Careers Lead) on to arrange an appointment.

Final message

The main thing to consider over the final week of students’ time at Grange is that they meet our expectations of behaviour and enjoy the final few days of their compulsory school life in a mature, responsible manner.  Any student failing to meet these expectations will jeopardize their opportunity to enjoy this final period of their school career with friends.  We want, as I am sure you do, their final memories of school to be positive. 

Many thanks for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Miss A Mander