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How we communicate with parents and carers

Keeping students, parents / carers and other stakeholders informed is vitally important and there are a number of ways we can communicate. These are:

  • Our reception is open between 7:30am – 4:30 during term time. We encourage visitors who wish to see a particular member of staff to call ahead and arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.
  • Telephone 01274 779662. If you call and the person you wish to speak to is not available, we will pass on a message to them. Alternatively, email info@southfieldgrange.org.uk
  • The Student Planner, which is updated daily and is a great way for parents and carers and teachers to keep in touch.
  • The Learning @Grange newsletter is issued every three weeks during term time (this includes a summary of individual student attendance, behaviour and assessment for your child, printed on the reverse.
  • This website is updated regularly and used as a place for sharing various documents e.g.letters to parents, examination timetables, holiday dates and event information.
  • ‘Call Parents’ text messaging system enables us to send text messages and emails to parents and carers. This is used for a range of purposes e.g. to inform you that we are sending a letter home with your child or if the school has to close in an emergency.
  • Student progress evenings happen annually and provide an opportunity for parents to meet with teachers and senior teachers.
  • Parent information evenings are arranged for specific purposes e.g. as part of the planning of a residential trip.
  • Student absence reporting system. Unless you inform us of their absence, we send a text to parents / carers if a student does not arrive at their first lesson.
  • Regular individual communication between teachers and parents / carers may be conducted via telephone or email.

Social media

You can also follow us on Facebook @grangetechnologycollege or Twitter @grangetech or instagram @grangeoninsta for a glimpse into what our students have been doing lately.