Gifted, Able & Talented programme

The achievement of all of our students is important to us and our teaching and learning provision is designed to ensure that all students receive personalised support and challenge.  For Gifted, Able and Talented students, this takes a variety of forms, including a broad curriculum and a wide range of opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom and school environment.

How we support our Gifted, Able and Talented students

In lessons

Gifted, able and talented students have access to a more demanding curriculum and follow a different pathway specifically catered for their skills set.  Lessons are pitched at the top level for gifted, able and talented students so that they are challenged appropriately.  Resources are provided to encourage further independent study, including knowledge organisers and self-quizzing tools.

Outside of lessons

Opportunities to nurture talents and skills in extra-curricular settings are provided, with a focus on developing students’ aspirations, confidence and resilience.  Opportunities include trips to top universities, more challenging English Literature texts for study and a focus on developing independent study skills through a differentiated tutor programme.

If you have any queries about our provision for Gifted, Able and Talented students, please contact Mrs Featherstone (Associate Deputy Head) for more information