Lunches and Payments

We pride ourselves in serving the best meals possible to our students, offering them the best value for money around.

Our onsite catering is provided by local catering company Mellors.  We have a coffee bar which opens throughout the day serving hot and cold drinks, snack and sandwiches.  In the Sixth Form area there is also a cafe which opens at key times.  The main school dining room is in the atrium and is open at break and lunchtime serving a range of hot and cold snacks, meals and drinks.

How to pay

We run a cashless catering system on site meaning students only need to present their ID card at the point of sale to pay for their meals, drinks and snacks.  Money can be added using cash loading machines on site or safely and conveniently online using Parent Pay.

Parent Pay enables parents to upload money to their child’s account either manually or using a regular payment option, debiting the associated bank account immediately.  It enables you to pay for school trips / events online and removes the need for your child to carry cash to or from school.  You can also monitor what food your child is eating in school.

Setting up an account is simple – just contact our admin team (01274 779662 or who will send out the necessary login information.  Registering takes a matter of minutes then say goodbye to cash.  Parents with children in other schools who use ParentPay can manage all their children’s dinner money using the one account. Mention this to our admin team and they will explain how this is done.

Many parents comment that they prefer the convenience of Parent Pay as well as the reassurance that dinner money is being spent at school on compliant food, rather than less healthy options which can be purchased on the way to and from school.

Find out more about Parent Pay here.  

If your child is entitled to free school meals their account will automatically topped up.

Free School Meals

We are keen to ensure that parents and carers can access the benefits available to them.  Free School Meals are available to all who are eligible.  In order to qualify you need to complete the Local Education Authority application form.  If you’re not sure if you qualify, we advise that apply anyway and you will receive get an instant confirmation at the end of the application form telling you whether you qualify or not.