We're closing to most students
The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.

Our Homework Agreement

Please contact your child’s tutor if homework is not recorded in their school planner.  We would also ask that you look closely at your child’s school books when they come home and work with us in promoting the very best standards in presentation of work and effort.

Teachers will:

  • regularly set challenging, interesting homework that is relevant to learning
  • set deadlines that allow reasonable time for completion
  • check homework is completed and reward, praise and celebrate accordingly
  • record in planners if homework is not done quoting the subject, an ‘H’ and staff initials e.g. Maths- H- LAP
  • be monitored to check the quality and regularity of homework set through the Quality Assurance process and planner scrutiny

Students will:

  • record all homework in their planner on the day it was set, including the subject, task description and due date
  • complete all homework on time and to the best of their ability
  • see their teacher in their free time to find out what homework was set and when it is due, if they have missed a lesson for any reason
  • be challenged by teachers and tutors when they have not done their homework

Parents will:

  • check and sign planners weekly and discuss any issues arising
  • check their children are completing homework to the best of their ability
  • support their children by discussing their homework with them and offering support
  • contact school with any concerns or to ask teachers for advice

Expected Minimum Frequency:

KS5: 1 piece set per week per subject at a standard consistent with advanced learning
KS4: 1 piece set per week per subject
KS3: English, Maths, Science- 1 piece set per week
History/ Geography, French, RS/ Citizenship, Technology- 1 piece set per fortnight
Computer Science, Expressive Arts- 1 piece set every 3 weeks
Year 7 Integrated Learning- 2 pieces set per week

Suggested Homework

  • Research tasks
  • Preparing to give presentations to the class
  • Read and summarise a text
  • Past papers/ practice exam questions
  • Memorisation of key words for a test
  • Spellings
  • Longer projects with a section due each week
  • Green pen responses to teacher feedback
  • Preparing revision materials
  • Redrafting and improving work in progress