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Supporting Fair Trade!

Supporting Fair Trade!

During Fair Trade fortnight (28th February – 08th March 2020), Glen Cottell, the manager of our local Coop store in Wibsey, visited Grange to talk about all things Fair Trade.

Glen spoke with a group of Yr 7 students about the importance of Fair Trade. He discussed with students how many of our everyday products, such as bananas, chocolate, cut flowers and even footballs travel from countries in Africa, Asia and South America, to our supermarkets. The students all agreed that selecting Fair Trade products from shops, is important as it ensures the farmers and producers receive a fair income.


Glen then worked with some Yr10 Grangers, helping them with their GCSE coursework. Students discussed, asked questions and watched a video helping them to fully understand Fair Trade and provide them with quality information to include in their work.

We wish to thank Glen for his time and generosity (and also for the free Fair Trade chocolate samples – yum!)