Our nomination for the best STEM book

Our nomination for the best STEM book

Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize celebrates the very best science books for those under 14. They’re all accessible books about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects, excellent for capturing the imagination. 

The competition itself is unique in that the winner is selected by judging panels made up of young people at schools across the country.

We couldn’t wait to explore the shortlisted books! A group of our students have read all these superb titles and presented their favourite.

Together we voted for Grange’s winner. Keeping these secret and impartial, we used lemon juice to write our favourite book in vanishing ink! 

Although we loved all the shortlisted books, our favourite for Grange was…

‘I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast’

by Michael Holland and illustrated by Philip Giordano 

 ‘The book included things which would inspire you to get off the sofa and explore things around you. It had experiments and instructions of how to do stuff.’


‘I loved the way the author used amazing inventions to interest the reader’


Along with other schools across the country, we then submitted our pick for our favourite book! The Royal Society then hosted an online awards ceremony to announce the winning book. We all joined to watch to find out who’d won. 

Over 11,500 student judges across the country picked the winner, which was…

 ‘I Am a Book. I Am a Portal to the Universe.’

by Stefanie Posavec and Miriam Quick

‘It was personified, as if the book itself is talking to the reader. It was also really colourful, creative and overall a fun book to read.’


‘I loved the colours and the jokes.’


It’s been such an adventure and an absolute pleasure to read these books.