Our writing work with First Story

Over the last 5 years we’ve worked with a wonderful group called First Story. Their aim is to change lives through writing. 

It’s a year long program, open to all our students but mainly for those in Year 9. Each year we’re joined by a writer who works with our students. In the past we’ve had poets and playwrights. 

This year, Dan Ingram-Brown joined us. He’s a young adult author of magical realism novels. It’s really inspiring for our future writers who work through different writing styles and join workshops with this Writer in Residence. 

The theme for this year was ‘adopted families’. Together, we’ve woven a story about a young person who has discovered she’s adopted and runs away from home. 

In the style of a diary, our writers have written their entries and Dan has put them together. It’s a really interesting and unusual format. 

We’re so proud of our students, we know the work they’ve done here will last with them a lifetime. 

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