We're staying safe - changes to days
We've asked some year groups to work from home on some days. Symptoms or waiting for a Covid19 result - please stay at home
Year’s 8,9,10 &11 – Information for starting back at Coop Academy Grange

Year’s 8,9,10 &11 – Information for starting back at Coop Academy Grange

School Opening Update

I hope that you are well and that your families are safe.  It has been a very difficult time, but we are proud of how well our community has looked after each other and pulled together at these unusual times.


In line with government guidelines, Co-op Academy Grange will re-open to all students in September, with a staggered start to the term to ensure high quality provision and a safe and smooth transition back to full time education.  Students must only attend at the times indicated below and it is essential that all students and families adhere to the measures we have put in place to keep our community safe.



Week 1

Year Group Date and Time Activity
Year 8 Friday September 4th


Familiarisation Day with Form Tutors
Year 9 Friday September 4th


Familiarisation Day with Form Tutors
Year 10 Friday September 4th


Familiarisation Day with Form Tutors
Year 11 Friday September 4th


Familiarisation Day with Form Tutors


Week 2 onwards: Students will follow their full timetable, with some changes to the usual timings of the day to support social distancing, ‘bubble’ provision and maintain the highest quality of provision for your child.


Year Group Start Time Finish Time
Year 8 Monday: 9:00

Tuesday: 9:00

Wednesday-Friday: 9:00

Monday: 3:45

Tuesday: 2:45

Wednesday -Friday: 2:45

Year 9 Monday: 8:45

Tuesday: 9:15

Wednesday-Friday: 8:45

Monday: 3:30

Tuesday: 3:00

Wednesday -Friday: 2:30

Year 10 Monday: 9:30

Tuesday: 8:30

Wednesday-Friday: 9:30

Monday: 3:20

Tuesday: 3:15

Wednesday-Friday: 3:15

Year 11 Monday: 8:30

Tuesday: 9:30

Wednesday-Friday: 8:30

Monday: 3:15

Tuesday: 3:20

Wednesday -Friday: 2:15



Ready, Respectful, Safe:

Good behaviour and a positive attitude to school, adults and other learners is essential for students on our return in September. With this in mind and the vast range of restrictions we will need to follow, any poor behaviour which does not meet expectations will mean that parents must collect their child from school.   We have followed the DfE’s Secondary Guidance and worked with our Co-op colleagues to plan ways to reduce the risk of COVID 19 as much as possible.  There will be strict social distancing rules in place to protect our community, including:


  • Students will be expected to be in full school uniform.
  • Students must bring their own equipment including a pen, pencil, ruler and highlighter.
  • If your child chooses to wear a mask to travel to school, they must remove it safely upon arrival at school and have a separate bag to store it.
  • Students may bring their Chromebook to school to support their learning during lesson times, however mobile phones are not permitted to be seen or used during the school day.
  • Staggered starts and ends of the day to avoid students and their families gathering in groups.
  • Strong adherence to the 2m rule.
  • Increased hand washing and sanitising expectations. We will provide hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes in all classrooms.
  • ‘Bubbles’ of students to reduce contact.
  • There will be limited movement around the school building to help maintain social distancing.
  • To reduce contact, from September 2020 if your child pays for their snacks/lunches, they will only be able to do so via ParentPay. ParentPay is an online payment service used by many schools and is very secure. Please see the separate letter attached.
  • If you do not have access to the internet, we are able to provide you with a card which you can top up at your local shop using PayPoint. Let us know before 24th July 2020 if you would like a card to be sent to you. You can do this by telephoning a member of the administration team on 01274 779662.


Covid 19 Symptoms and Testing

  • Students must not attend if they have symptoms of the virus or if anyone in their household has symptoms.
  • If students display any signs of the virus, they will be removed from the classroom and taken to a separate room until they are collected by a parent/carer.
  • The student and members of the family must be tested in line with the government’s test and trace guidelines.
  • If parents or carers come into contact with anyone who has the virus, they must also self-isolate and get tested. Ordering the test can be done at: https://www.nhs.uk/ask-for-a-coronavirus-test

Please ask if you need support to get a test.


Our plans follow current government guidelines and we will be in touch if anything changes between now and September.  Our home learning sites for years 7 – 11 remain in operation so students are encouraged to engage with any learning they may have missed to ensure that they are fully prepared to come back to school.


More than ever we need to work together to make sure that our community is safe. This will mean answering your phone in case we need to tell you your child is ill, letting us know if your child is not coming into school, telling us when you have had a test and supporting a strong stance on following school rules around social distancing to avoid your child being sent home.  By working together, we will be able to focus on helping your children learn and catch up on lost time.


I hope that you and your family have a restful and safe summer and look forward to seeing our Grangers back in school confident, happy and ready to learn.