Getting started, equipment and Chromebooks

Grangers ready to learn 

  • Be on time
  • Sit in your allocated seat
  • Get out equipment

Respectful and safe with STAR

Sit up with hands on the desk 

Track the person who is speaking in class by focusing your eyes on them 

Ask and answer questions in relation to the work 

Respect everyone around you 

Additional support

  • When you need additional support in meeting our standards, we’ll let you know in a constructive way. 
  • Some occasions parents will be contacted to support this. 
  • A fresh start can be expected every lesson every day is a new opportunity to learn

Our Co-op Values

As a Co-op academy we all live and breathe our Ways of Being


We’re very lucky to all have Chromebooks to work on in and out of school 

  • Keep it in the case when carrying it to and from school 
  • Charge the Chromebook overnight 
  • Bring your Chromebook to school every day

Chromebooks staying safe

We’ll help you after this equipment by tracking how the Chromebook is used to make sure you stay safe online. We will educate you on the dangers of online use and how to keep you safe

If you have any concerns about online use they must immediately contact the school


Grangers should always bring a:

  • Black pen
  • Green pen
  • Highlighter 
  • Pencil
  • Reading book
  • Ruler
  • Scientific calculator

Always be ready to learn!