Mobile phone guidance and our uniform

Mobile Phones

We don’t use use mobile phones or headphones inside the school grounds – from the moment students enter the gates until the moment they leave

  • Phones and devices are switched off and must not be seen or heard

If phones or devices are seen or heard they will be confiscated by staff and locked away securely.

  • If this is the first time it’s confiscated that term, students collect the phone from their pastoral leader after school
  • The second time this happens and on any further occasions an adult with parental responsibility for the student must collect the phone from reception 

Contact during the day

  • If parents need to contact their child during the day this is done by ringing school reception
  • If students need to contact home for a good reason they should speak to a member of staff who will always help them


Our uniform is practical and smart, preparing our students for the world of work