We provide a broad, balanced, stimulating and innovative experience which provides students with a wide knowledge and understanding of the world.  Alongside a high standard of learning we recognise that many memorable and significant moments in a young person’s education happen outside of their day to day environment. For instance, when taking part in activities which extend their experience outside of the regular curriculum.

We have a wide range of extra-curricular activities to meet the needs and preferences of our students through sporting, cultural and educational experiences.  These widen student participation in our community and help to develop life skills.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Fitness 7.30-8.30am Mr Langron, PE Boys Fitness After School Mr Northin, PE GCSE & A level Art After School Mrs Taylor, 116 Drama Club After School Mrs Airey, G09 Cheerleading After School Mrs Airey, G09
Year 7 Boys Football After School Mr Northin, PE Year 10 Boys Football After School Jamil, PE Table Tennis After School Mr Heads, PE KS3 Art Club After School Mrs Taylor, 116 Breakdance After School Mrs Airey, G08
Bollywood Dance After School Miss Makkar, PE Year 8 Football After School Mr Smithen, PE Sociology Extra After School Miss Crossland, LG07 GCSE & A level Art After School Mrs Taylor, 116
Wizard of Oz Rehearsals 4-5.30pm Mrs Airey, G09 Trampolining After School Miss Howard, PE Girls Fitness After School Miss Piggott, PE Climbing Club After School Mr Radcliffe, Gym
Level 3 Science support and help sessions After School Mr Nawaz, Science Girls Football After School Miss Sandford, PE Year 11 football After School Mr Heads, PE
KS 3 Science intervention After School, 238 KS 3 Science Intervention After School, 238 Year 9 Football After School Mr Senior, PE
GCSE PE Practical Club After School Mr Patterson
Year 11 Walking Talking Mocks, Maths & Science After School Sports Hall, alternate weeks

Health and Social Care intervention classes: after school everyday—see your teacher for more info.