Year 7 and 8 Home Learning

Year 7 and 8 Home Learning

Home Learning set for our year 7 and 8 students



1 hour


Daily reading 20 minutes

Writing task 30 minutes

Spellings to learn 20-30 minutes



2 x 30 minutes


Hegarty Maths – watch video, take notes (in revision book) and answer quiz in book and online – book check on Friday (or Thursday if no lesson on Friday)



2 x 30 minutes


Weekly Knowledge Organiser Literacy Task

Task 1: 30 Minutes
– Learn spellings, and definitions of topic key words from knowledge organiser/concept maps.
Spelling Test: Every Monday.
– Write the key words into sentences to show understanding.
Half Termly – Topic Engagement Task

Task 2: 30 Minutes
– Creative task to showcase knowledge and understanding of the science topic.



2 x 20 minutes


Vocabulary quizzing (Quizlet) and mixed skills tasks on Google Classroom

Vocabulary Self Quizzing using Quizlet and Self-Quizzing documents to develop accuracy in spoken language (pronunciation) and written language (spelling)

Reading / Listening / Application of grammar points / Writing tasks set via Google Classroom and self-marking (via Forms)


RS/ Citizenship

Year 7 – 30 minutes


Students will study one subject per half term.
Key terms quiz/exam style questions/research activities


Year 8 – 20 minutes each


Key terms quiz/exam style questions/research activities


PSHE & Careers

15 minutes


Consolidate learning via Knowledge Organiser.


Computer Science

20 minutes


Online – / Quizlet Quizizz / Google Classroom

Using flashcards / quizzes to pre-learn or recap

Using Video and forms in GC



20 minutes


Google Classroom task/activity



30 minutes


Google Classroom – Project based


Fresh Start/ Accelerated reading

20 minutes


Students have a copy of the phonics card


Performing Arts

20 minutes


Google Classroom task/activity