Moving to Highschool FAQ

It's an exciting time and you probably have lots of questions! Check out the answers to our top questions.

Moving to Highschool FAQ

Will I be with my friends in my form group?

Before you join us we spend a lot of time planning out the form group you will be in – we use all the information that your school and parents tell us. We try to make sure that you are placed with someone from your primary school. 

But don’t worry, when we start we’ll spend time getting to know everyone in your form group – it’s a great time to make new friends!

What’s different in High School?

It’s bigger! Again – don’t worry we have loads of people to help you. 

During the day you’ll move to different classrooms for different lessons. This is really important for lessons where the classroom has special equipment like Science, Design Technology, PE and IT.

With Covid we couldn’t move classrooms, but hopefully we’ll be able to when you start.

What time does school start?

Doors open at 8:00 am
Be in the academy by 8:25 am
Ready for first lesson by 8:30 am

How much lunch money?

We’re totally cashless! This means when you go to buy lunch or a snack you’ll spend money that’s put on your student card. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to use this.

Parents can use ParentPay to top up these cards.

What if I get lost around school?

Don’t panic! We have a big building but lots of people around who’ll be able to help you and maps. By October you’ll be a pro and know exactly how to get around.